Explosion-proof ventilation products
  BT35 series axial fan
  BDWT series low noise roof of fan
  4-72 series explosion-proof centrifugal fan
  BWZT series roof natural ventilator
  BYDF series induction fan
  Explosion-proof electric actuator
Ventilation series products
  ZFBY al alloy rainproof louver
  DWT series low-noise roof fan
  GPF.HTF series fan specially for fire control and high temperature
  GPF-(HFTC) series low noise fire control and high temperature smoking discharge centrifugal fan box
  SWF series high-efficiency low-noise mix-flow fan
  HL3-2A series low noise mix-flow ventilators
  DZ series low-noise axial fan
  T35 series axial fan
  FHT series fire-proof type automatic ventilation box
  YDF series induction fan
  HDF series non-power roof fan
  4-79 series centrifugal fan
  4-68 series centrifugal fan
  9-19、9-26 series centrifugal fan
  DTF series tunnel axial fan
  SDS series tunnel jet fan
  SJG series low noise mix-flow fan
  SDF series tunnel axial fan
  GDF low noise centrifugal fan
  DBF series of variable air volume box
  DFZ series textile axial-flow fan
  CF series dedicated kitchen exhaust fan
  Dedicated fan vibration damping hook
  Installation, Commissioning and maintenance of fan
  The use of wind machine, and maintenance
  Part of the product
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  Zhengjiang Zhefeng Electromechanical Equipment CO.,LTD(hereinafter referred as Zhefeng) is located in Shangyu, a place where a famous Chinese tale “rise again in Dongshan Mountain” happened。Zhefeng is conveniently situated next to Hangzhou-Ningbo Express and Shangyu-Sanmen Express, about 90 kilometers far away from Hangzhou and Ningbo.Zhefeng ,covering an area of 30989 square meters of which 21000 square meters are building area, manufactures fans、forced air cooling systems、air conditioning ventilation equipments. Zhefeng has all sorts of manufacturing and sophisticated te' ;%ވZh8HE' ;%ވZhbeen cooperating very well with Zhejiang University 、Tongji University and other power designing facilities for many years, committing ourselves to developing hi-tech ventilations and air cooling equipments."Zhefeng"brand explosion-proof roof fan, rain-proof shutter, explosion-proof centrifugal fan, explosion-proof axial flow fan, explosion-proof natural ventilation, explosion-proof induced fan—the results of our cooperation-have been tested qualified in accordance with GB3826.1-2000 the first part of Electrical apparatus under explosive gas environment: General requirements and GB3826.2-2000 the second part of Electrical apparatus under explosive gas environment: flameproof D by National explosion-proof electrical product quality supervision and Inspection Center and Shanghai explosion-proof electrical product testing station of Coal industry, and have been awarded with the certificate of explosion proof products and the explosion proof products production license. The technique we used in energy-saving explosion proof fan, rainproof shutter and auto rainproof product has been awarded as the utility national patent by national administration of intellectual properties. GPF fire high-temperature exhaust fan was awarded with golden prize and high tech honorable prize in1998’s spark invention contest hold by national fire equipments quality testing center, known for its low vibration and high efficiency and acquired the certificate of China top brand. Zhefeng had passed qualified in accordance with quality managements by the ministry of Agriculture, was certified by ISO 9001 and was awarded with role model company and contract and accredit honoring company by Shangyu government for many times. Zhefeng has AAA credit qualification in Zhejiang Agriculture Bank. Zhefeng brand fan and shutter was certified with China fine quality product by China quality certification center in 2009.

   Zhefeng mainly manufactures industrial ventilations and civil fire smoke exhaust equipments. Industrial ventilations includes roof fan, aluminum alloy rainproof shutter, axial flow fan, roof natural ventilation, jet induced device, cooling tower, air conditioning device and electrostatic precipitator. These products could be used for ventilation and air cooling in workshop and railway tunnels, mostly in power, metallurgy, machinery, pharmacy industries. Our products are well known for high wind, low noise, low vibration, good wind proof, great energy saving, high-efficient in ventilation, safe and explosion proof, reliable run.The electricity driven rainproof shutter has firstly used the stainless steel ball bearing drive in China, thus making the product have long life, flexible rotation, good ventilation. This product, tested qualified by Environmental Science and Engineering collage of Donghua University, has been the most advanced among domestic counterparts. These products have been widely used in Zhejiang Jiangxin 3rd powe company, Guodian Taizhou Power Generation company, Guodian Zhejiang Beilun 3rd power company,Shanghai Caojing power plant, Guangdong Pinghai power plant, Guodian Jianbi power company, Fujian Fuqing nuclear power plant, Guodian Changzhou Power Company, Jiangsu Zhenjiang power company, Guodian Gold Budian power company, Datang Ningde power company, Hubei Ezhou power plant, Henan Minquan power plant, Shenyang Jinbei Automobile Factory, Beijing Automobile Works, Yangzi Petrochemical, Luoyang Petrochemical and other large state key projects.

   Civil fire exhaust and ventilation covers all ranges. Fire axial exhaust fan, fire cabinet centrifugal exhaust fan, roof exhaust fan fire, smoke dampers, fire dampers, nonflammable type wind pipe products have passed the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the National fixed fire extinguishing system and fire Component quality supervision and Inspection Center of qualified test.

   Such products have good production technology under great quality system in strict accordance with ISO9002 quality assurance system. The fan outer cylinder flange have used one-step forming with mechanical flanging, fan impeller also used one-step forming with mechanical hydraulic pressure. These products have enough intensity, smooth appearance, high concentricity, balance, high precision, low vibration, etc and have been widely used in a number of great key projects including Hangzhou Huanglong Square, Hangzhou Shangri-la Hotel, Beijing Asian Games Village, Beijing Sichuan Mansion, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, Guangzhou Railway, Zhuhai International Airport, Fuzhou International Airport, Guangzhou Wangfujing Department Store, China air to air missile base, Dalian Bohai Mansion, Wuxi Yaohan Shopping Mall, being widely praised for its great quality and fine service.

   Zhefeng also have a comprehensive , quick-response after-sale service, and has established a follow-up quality system under which every product would be followed up and every consumer using our product would be visited annually, helping them fix and maintain machine properly. We will also respond to equipment which has failed to run as soon as possible.Holding the principle of “to concern and think as a consumer”, we will try our best to provide our consumers the greatest service and make every consumer have strong faith in our product.

   We will try further to have a better control of quality, and to get our consumers’ support and trust by best quality, in-time delivery, proper price and perfect after-sale service. We will always strictly obey the business principle of “to survive by quality, to develop by species, to satisfy every consumer” and the quality principle of “based on quality, integrity, all in spirit” and the business spirit of “to develop with times, to look around the world and to explore the future”, providing our consumers increasingly perfect products and service. We are worth your trust.

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